Other Author Work

  • “As Your World Changes, “Adjusting to vision loss through technology, with class”.
    A decade of essays on the experience of losing vision, plus a hodge podge of half-vast opinions on accessibility and assistive technology.
  • “YC OLLI Asks”,”Lifelong Learners Talk about Big Important Topics”.
    Yavapai College OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) classes on climate fiction, Ada Lovelace, Twitter, podcasting, the Singularity, and more.
  • “Catch The Vision”, “Low vision techies at your service”.
    co-founded in 2018 to advise Central Yavapai region on assistive technologies and living with low vision.
  • “A Chip On Her Shoulder”, “Some day this will all make sense”.
    Preview of a speculative “teaching novel” about social media, terrorism, and rebuilding the WWW
  • Wikipedia “Susan L. Gerhart”, somebody wrote this.
    Not the Baltimore rectal surgeon
  • Susan’s Professional Papers, from Google Scholar.
  • Returning some time, TWUrl, a tool for managing search results intelligently

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