Talking Assistive Technology

Talking Assistive Technology

Resources for people with low vision, compiled August 2016 by
Susan L.
“As Your World Changes blog at

“Low Vision Techies Talk About Assistive Technology Catch The Vision

Screen Readers

Software that works a computer through a keyboard by announcing items on a screen and reading text in browsers and applications.

Book Readers

Acquire, download, and read books using synthetic speech

Apple VoiceOver for iPhone and More

IOS iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, Triple Click Home to start, accessible settings for font/color/contrast and VoiceOver


  • Money Reader
  • Tap Tap See remote readers

  • VoiceDream, multi-voice text and book reader
  • KNFB Reader, recognize text (OCR)
  • Around Me, BlindSquare navigators and location descriptors
  • Twitter and other social media apps
  • News articles
  • iCatcher, Podcasts, DownCast podcatchers
  • Notes (use external keyboard)
  • SIRI speech recognizing personal assistant


Tutorials and demonstrations

Podcasts are audio files retrieved and listened with a “podcatcher”

Additional Information

this page “Talking Assistive Technology” at

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