Talking Assistive Technology

Talking Assistive Technology

Resources for people with low vision, compiled August 2016 by
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Screen Readers

Software that works a computer through a keyboard by announcing items on a screen and reading text in browsers and applications.

Book Readers

Acquire, download, and read books using synthetic speech

Apple VoiceOver for iPhone and More

IOS iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, Triple Click Home to start, accessible settings for font/color/contrast and VoiceOver


  • Money Reader
  • Tap Tap See remote readers

  • VoiceDream, multi-voice text and book reader
  • KNFB Reader, recognize text (OCR)
  • Around Me, BlindSquare navigators and location descriptors
  • Twitter and other social media apps
  • News articles
  • iCatcher, Podcasts, DownCast podcatchers
  • Notes (use external keyboard)
  • SIRI speech recognizing personal assistant


Tutorials and demonstrations

Podcasts are audio files retrieved and listened with a “podcatcher”

Additional Information

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