2007Summary and on to 2008

This posting provides a summary of “As Your World Changes” major subjects and web links in 2007 and a preview of topics in the works for 2008.

Recommended Software experience reports

Next topics: “What is emacspeak?”; “Any benefits from Microsoft Word DAISY output?”; “Conquering gmail”; “Google your past from your desktop”, “Will speech recognition save my wrists and thumbs?”

People, Organizations and Services

Topics in progress: Great vision assistance technologists: Bookport, Literacy, Icon; “Why should I join a blindness organization?” ??”; “Grrrr, becoming a community activist!”

Philosophy and Analysis

Topics in progress: “My brain on sound – re-wired for speech?”; “Continuing progress in accessibility and usability”; “Computational Thinking — living with more levels of abstraction”; “GTD, getting things done, non-visually”; “What disability teaches you, and others around you”

Author: slger

Susan L. Gerhart (slger) is a retired computer scientist. Her professional specialities included software engineering research, technology transfer management, and computer science education, see SLGer's Research Autobiography. Susan is active in a lifelong learning institute (OLLI) at Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona. She has facilitated courses on podcasts, Twitter, the Singularity, and climate fiction. "As Your World Changes" blog describes her journey with vision loss into the spectacular world of assistive technology and the frustrating practices of accessibility. She writes with the NVDA screen reader, reads books from Bookshare on a BookSense, and listens to podcasts on an iPhone. slger123 on Twitter records her favorite articles and occasional comments on life and politics. Creative writing courses led her to undertake "A Chip On Her Shoulder", a novel asking the questions: "how did we get into the privacy mess of modern social media?" and "Are we now just 'packets of data formerly known as people'?" She's enduring the 2020 Pandemic era and autocracy challenge by analyzing changes in progress, promising, and unknown. Times sure are changing! Contact: slger123 at gmail.com

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