Audio Replay of July 2007 Postings

Here is an audio version of the first month of “As Your World Changes”, july 2007, to serve several purposes.. First, my blog readers can download and listen to the blog entries wherever they like, an alternative to reading. Second, the blog postings are spoken in a variety of voices as the basis for a future posting on how our brains are “wired for speech”. Third, I (the partially sighted blog author) use audio for improving my writing, not only for tone and style but also for editing mistakes. There is no particular significance to the choice of gender or age sounds of voices. Feedback on this writing and listening practice would be appreciated.

Synthetic voice reading of posts, listen in mp3: Welcome, TextAloud reading application,,Mouse Hacks, 5 Facets of Living with Vision Loss, and Lucky Vision Losers.

Voices are: Neospace Kate and Paul; ATT Natural Voices Mike, Crystal, Claire, Julia; Cepstral Diane, David, and Emily.

Again, the link for the mp3 replay is


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